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Automatic Bottle Filling and Capping Machine Line

Automatic filling capping machine (overflow filler) can do automatic bottle feeding, automatic liquid filling, automatic cap feeding, cap placing, cap screwing, and automatic bottle out-feeding procedure, and the machine can be applied to round and oval round bottle containers that usually be used on daily cleaning supplies such as shampoo, shower gel, moisturizing cream, perfume, […]

Advanced Tube Filling Machine for Efficacy – Direct Manufacturer

What is a tube filling and sealing machine?   The tube packaging machine is used for filling plastic and laminated tubes with gels, creams, or other fluids, sealing them with hot air, stamping date and/or batch No. and cutting excess plastic on the tube ending, which arises during the tube sealing.   How does a […]


The Automatic Tube Filling Machine, Sealing Machine & Coding Machine consists of a main structure, tube moving with a tube holding unit, safety acrylic enclosure (OPTIONAL), jacketed hopper with a stirrer (OPTIONAL), filling nozzles, sealing head, coding unit, hot air sealing unit, electrical panel, PLC & HMI (OPTIONAL), mains on/off & motor.   We Manufacture […]

Excellent Supplier from China – Rotary Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine

Biaozan coffee capsule filling sealing machine adopts an Italian design concept, it’s a range of versatile and flexible machines equipped for filling& sealing of capsules on a rotary table or multi-lane, and integrates automatic sorting, filling, nitrogen gas flushing, and sealing in a single block, it’s possible to adapt different types of the compatible capsule […]

Cup Filling Sealing Machine – Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter

Our customized cup filling and sealing machines for premade cups can handle most types of approved material. Our filing systems are customized and vary from product to product, we provide various filing options for combinations of products for single layer or multilayer, hot filling, cold filing, and also products with particulate. Clean and ultra-clean options […]

Bottle & Liquid Filling Machine, Inline Filling System

Biaozan has been providing customers with superb liquid-filling machines for over 20 years. Product characteristics determine the bottle filling machine needed for your products. The goal is to deliver a precise amount of product to the consumer in an attractive bottle that promotes your offering over the competition.   There are several filler technologies available, […]

Small Size Automatic Cartoning Machine

The cartoning machine can finish automatic feeding, carton opening, object into cartons, batch printing, folding box, scrapping, etc. The structure is compact and reasonable, and the operation adjustment is simple. Specifications Model: HTZH-80 Speed: 40-80 boxes/min Carton Size: L: 50-180mm, W: 30-85mm, H: 15-50mm Carton Quality: 250-350g/m2 Air Consumption: 0.5-0.8MPa, 5-20L/min Power: 1.5KW Working Process […]

China Manufacturer Liquid Filling / Capping / Closing Machines

This bottle filling and capping machine includes the turn table feeding bottle, automatic filling, automatic feeding, capping, labeling, and bottle collection table.   This production consists of a bottle feeding table, peristaltic pump filling, feeding sprayer pump(glass dropper),pre-capping, servo capping, labeling, and bottle collection table.   This machine line has the function of arranging bottles, […]