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Do you need a yogurt cup filling and sealing machine for larger output?

Yogurt cup filling machine, as the name implies, is a kind of equipment for cup filling and sealing. Compared with the inline liquid filling machine, this yogurt packaging machine for cups is equipped with a rotary plate. The yogurt cup filling and sealing machine can automatically complete the whole process of feeding cups, filling, sealing, […]

Automatic Bottle Filling & Capping Machine Using PLC

Industries across the country rely on bottle filling and capping machines to get products to destinations. At BIAOZAN, we have bottle filling capping equipment to fit your company’s needs based on your operational capacities and production outputs. If your operations still rely on manual workers who are filling and capping by hand, consider the automated […]

Automatic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine For Plastic Pipe/ Composite Pipe

Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine is a highly efficient and versatile piece of industrial equipment used primarily in the packaging and manufacturing industry. It is designed to automate the process of filling various types of tubes, such as plastic, aluminum, or laminate, with a wide range of products, including creams, gels, ointments, pastes, and […]

E-Liquid Filling Machine – Small Bottle Filling Capping Machine

An e-liquid filling and capping machine is a piece of equipment used in the manufacturing and packaging of electronic cigarette liquids, also known as e-liquids or vape juices. These machines are designed to automate the process of filling bottles with e-liquid and sealing them with caps to ensure product quality, consistency, and efficiency. Here are […]

One-Stop Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Packaging Solution

As one of the companies that design and manufacture both compatible empty capsules and Filling and Sealing machines. We know how hard is it if you are new to the coffee capsules business.     What will you start if you decide to produce capsules yourself?   Acknowledge of different capsules. Research of the market of […]

Automatic Cartoning Machine – Box Packing Machine Manufacturer

We designed this Cartooning machine or cartoner machine to automatically erect cartons, insert the products, and close the flaps by tucking in or pasting suiting to the cartons’ design.   Products like Toothpaste, Creams, soap, Table strips, Bearings, etc., can be packed by a cartooning machine.   A Cartooning machine or carton is a packaging […]


Biaozan is a reputable manufacturer of tube filling and sealing machines. Our selection of tube fillers is used to fill a wide range of products into tubes including cream, gel, ointment, shampoo, toothpaste adhesives, food products grease, sauce, and more, in various industries. What are the types of tubing techniques? We have a solution for […]

Automatic Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine – The Perfect Solution for Your Coffee Capsule Production Needs!

Biaozan’s coffee capsule filling sealing machine can be suitable for Nespresso, Lavazza Blue/Point, Dolce Gusto, and K-Cup coffee capsules. This cutting-edge machine is designed to automatically complete all production processes, making it incredibly easy to operate. With a small volume and a user-friendly interface, this machine is perfect for coffee production companies of all sizes. […]

What are the Main Components of the Tube Filler Machine?

The machine is made up of many parts, which all have their functions in the successful operation of the machine. The design of each part is deliberate for the performance of specific roles. Therefore, the following are the main components of this machine. Frame   This is the whole machine structure where all the machine […]

Main Features of Cartoning Machines: How they Affect the Unit Price of a Machine

Demand and Supply   The cartoning machine’s cost is driven by the demand for better, more convenient, and sturdy packaging equipment.   This will imply that you have to go for a machine with advanced features. Consequently, this will basically determine the cost of cartoning machine. Furthermore, the lengthy supply chain of products beginning from […]