Our company’s tube filling and sealing machines are divided into four models: HTGF-50, HTGF-80, HTGF-100 and HTGF-160. Today we will give a brief introduction to our most basic HTGF-50.

Part l:Product description

HTGF-50 filling and sealing machine series: is suitable for filling and sealing various plastic tubes (metal aluminum tubes) and is widely used in daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical,cosmetics, toothpaste, super glue and other industries. The plastic tube is heated and sealed with a hot air gun, and the metal aluminum tube is folded and sealed. It can be used for different pipe diameters, and the two filling lines are easy to adjust. It is an ideal filling equipment for small and medium-sized production scale.

Part 2:Product Categories

-According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into:

Fully automatic filling and sealing machine: automatic tube management – benchmarking – filling – sealing – cutting – date printing – tube discharge

Semi-automatic filling and sealing machine: manual tube placing – benchmarking (optional device) – filling – tail sealing – tail cutting – date printing – tube discharge,


-According to the closing mode, it can be divided into:

Composite pipes, plastic pipes, aluminum-plastic pipes: heat sealing by heating in a hot air gun or ultrasonic sealing, and customization of special-shaped (rounded corners, arcs, R-shaped, aircraft holes, etc.) tail sealing is accepted;

Metal aluminum tube: multi-folding (single folding, double folding, three folding, saddle folding, etc.) and tail sealing customization.

Part3: Basic parameters of equipment

Applies to:
Filling volume: 5-250ml
Hoses diameter: 10-50mm
Production speed: 20-35pcs/min

Within a certain range, one piece of equipment is compatible with the filling production work of multiple filling capacities (pipe diameters) and is easy to change production.

This must be communicated to us in advance (contact email: info@bzmachinery.net, Tel/Whatsapp: +8617321048561), and our engineers will ultimately determine whether it is feasible.