Companies trust Biaozan for packaging process expertise in the following areas:

Consumer: The packing and processing of powdered, granulated, pasty, and liquid substances and other products. Packaging machinery for the entire consumer product lifecycle, including piston filler machines, box packing machines, and label applicators.

Pharmaceutical: Flexible packaging and filling solutions and machines for the pharma industry. Sterile and non-sterile liquids and powered products are no challenge for Biaozan’s high-speed packaging machinery.

Nonwoven: Reliable mask machines and packing stems.

Life Science: Machines, equipment, and packaging machines for the production and processing of horizontal and vertical forms, medical and pharmaceutical products. Biaozan’s innovations include systems for coating immunoassays r costs and other production area expenses. 

Mask Production Line
Mask Production Line
Toothpaste Production Line
Eye Drop Packaging Line
Bottle Packaging Line