Biaozan’s range of Filling Capping Machines can fill aqueous solution, foaming liquid, powder, and semi-viscous solution products. Bottles, jars, containers, and other solid packing types can be filled with our filling capping machine. The basic unit consists of a base structure, stainless steel slat conveyor belt, piston pump, and filling nozzles.

We manufacture different models suitable to fill 5ml to 1000ml fill volumes and are suitable for round, oval, flat, or square bottles and jars.

The functions of filling, adding the inside plug, and capping are combined in one machine, with a compact structure and high production efficiency, which can meet the high-speed packaging requirements of various enterprises. Depending on the viscosity of the material, the machine can be equipped with different liquid metering systems, it is also equipped with an automatic no-filling device when lacking bottles, to avoid the waste of liquid raw material, prevent pollution to the machine, and affect the normal running of the machine.