Automatic tube filling and sealing machines for plastic pipes or composite pipes are specialized packaging equipment designed to efficiently fill and seal tubes used in various industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, and more. These machines streamline the process of filling tubes with a specific product, sealing them, and often marking or coding the tubes.

Application: Used in packaging in medicine, daily chemical, food, chemical, cosmetics, and other industries, such as ointment, adhesive, AB glue, epoxy glue, skin cream, hair dye, shoe polish, toothpaste, and other liquid or paste-like materials filling And the sealing.
Filling Container: Plastic tube; Composite tube
Optional Supporting Devices: three-dimensional packaging machine, cartoning machine, sealing machine, heat shrinkable machine, etc.
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Here are key features and components you might find in such machines:
1. Tube Feeding System:
  • A mechanism for loading empty tubes onto the machine.
  • Conveyor systems or automatic loaders may be used for continuous operation.
2. Filling Station:
  • Precise filling nozzles or pumps to accurately dispense the product into the tubes.
  • Volume control systems to ensure consistent filling.
3. Sealing Mechanism:
  • Heat sealing or ultrasonic sealing systems to hermetically seal the filled tubes.
  • Some machines may also include a trimming mechanism to cut excess material after sealing.
4. Coding or Marking System:
  • Inkjet or laser coding systems for printing batch numbers, expiration dates, or other essential information on the tubes.
5. Tube Orientation and Positioning:
  • Systems to correctly position and orient tubes for filling and sealing.
6. Automatic Tube Ejection:
  • A mechanism to automatically eject filled and sealed tubes from the machine.
7. Control System:
  • An integrated control system with a user interface for setting parameters like fill volume, sealing time, and other operational settings.
8. Adjustable Parameters:
  • Adjustable settings to accommodate various tube sizes, fill volumes, and sealing requirements.
9. Safety Features:
  • Safety measures to protect operators and ensure the proper functioning of the machine.
10. Materials Compatibility:
  • Designed to handle plastic or composite tubes commonly used in the industry.
11. Cleaning System:
  • Some machines may have a cleaning system to facilitate easy cleaning and changeover between different products.
12. Quality Inspection:
  • Optional quality inspection systems to ensure filled tubes meet specified standards.