How much can buy one set of automatic tube filling and sealing machine ?

tube filling machine

Look this !

You can have an automatic tube filling sealing machine for as little as $6000. According to the production capacity requirements of the equipment, the difficulty of filling the material and the customization of the packaging function, the price of the equipment is all diferent ,welcome to know more

Who is Biaozan?

Biaozna is a best manufacturer of the high speed fully automatic tube filling and sealing machine in China ,the  Max.Capaciity can be 280pcs/min.

Founded in 2018, Shanghai Baozan has been engaged in the design, development and production of filling & packaging equipment since 2000. Years of production experience has laid a good foundation for customers to provide more diversified packaging solutions

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Main Type of Tube Filling Sealing Machine

For the filling and sealing machine machine, we are roughly divided into 4 models according to the production capacity, which are 20-40pc/min, 40-80pcs/min, 80-100pcs/min, 100-280pcs/min. According to the different material of tube, it can be divided into heat sealing machine, folding sealing machine, ultrasonic sealing machine and so on. Please contact us for more information.

tube filling sealing machine
HTGF-50 Tube Fill Seal Machine - 20-40pcs/min
tube filling sealing machine 60pcs
HTGF-80 Tube Fill Seal Machine - 40-80pcs/min
tube filling sealing machine 100
HTGF-100 Tube Fill Seal Machine - 80-100pcs/min
160 tube filling sealing machine
HTGF-160 Tube Fill Seal Machine - 100-280pcs/min

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