Biaozan is a trusted industry-leading systems integrator in the packing industry. Particularly noted for its cartons, Biaozan offers a variety of solutions for a wide array of markets and applications.
Our expert engineers and technicians have designed reliable and rugged, simple yet elegant cartooning machines, ensuring every business can succeed with proven results. View our machines and learn more below.
Cartoner Packaging Machines
Biaozan knows every business is different and requires different equipment. As a leading cartoning machine manufacturer, our team has designed and perfected a variety of cartons, each with features aimed at providing the best solution for you.
Cartoning Machine Features
While all of Biaozan’s cartoners are suited for multiple uses and applications, they all maintain the same rugged and reliable features. Cartoners can function at high speeds, handle complex multiple-component packaging tasks, produce up to 180 cartons per minute, and handle stackable products. Cartoning machines have various functions cycle stop flap closing, rotary cartons, rotary flap tuckers, and adjustable carton plows.
As a leading cartoner machine manufacturer, Biaozan strives to produce a simple machine with advanced features to ensure you find the proper solution.
Cartoning Machine Applications
The various features of Biaozan’s horizontal and vertical cartoners allow them to be used for many industries and applications. When it comes to forming the carton and loading product, each machine is designed to meet the industry’s specific needs.
From cosmetic to the food and beverage industry, cartoners can handle flexible products and variety packs. Our high-speed machines are also used in the HPC and pharmaceutical industries for rolls or foil and eye drops among several other common product applications. Our machines are ideal for single-wall corrugate cartons, stackable products, and products that require vertical loading, in a variety of sizes.
Partner with Biaozan for Reliable Cartoners
If you’re looking for a simple cartoning machine, with advanced and reliable features, contact the BW Integrated Systems team today to further discuss your application in detail. Our experienced engineers do more than design and deliver packaging equipment, they draw on years of application experience to provide consultation around the design of cases and trays, as well as integrate our solutions into your packaging line.