Tube Filling Sealing Machine
It is an ideal equipment for ALU tubes, plastic tubes, and metal tubes filling & sealing.
Various Tube Fill Seals are Available
Slot, Hole, Curved, Rounded Corners, or Custom Profiles we have the experience you are seeking.

Tube Filling Sealing Machine Supplier

Tube Filling Machine is used for fills of ointment, cream, toothpaste, gel, and semi-solid materials in aluminum or in a plastic tube and sealing of the tube. The application of the machine is in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, adhesives, paint, chemicals, and other industries.

Biaozan’s tube filling and sealing machines are available to handle metal, plastic, aluminum, and laminate tubes. This kind of tube filling machine is capable to handle different types of viscous and semi-viscous products like cosmetics, ointment, toothpaste, foodstuff, pharmaceutics, shaving creams, and so on. Control with PLC-based and touchscreen control panel to get world-class performance.

Tube feeding marking identification, filling, folding, sealing, code printing and finished product output are all conducted by a fully auto control system. With an easy and quick adjustment, it is suitable for using multiple kinds of tubes for filling.


Automatic Tube Filling Machine Package Samples​

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    Tube Filling Sealing Machine Key Advantages​

    Reduced Manpower

    Tube filling machine reduces labor costs and maintains speed, precision, and stability. According to o our case studies, you can save 3-5 workers.

    High Manufacturing Efficiency

    Biaozan automatic tube filling machine incorporates variable speed, multi-item collators, simple product size changeover and more.

    Easy to Manage

    The machine is simple to operate and thus requires less assistance. Support most of tubes. It boosts operational productivity.

    100% Error Free

    Since it’s automated, the machine has a very low error rate. It features full overburden assurance on all drives and stacking systems.

    Biaozan’s tube filler sealer machine fills products in cylindrical or oval metal, laminate and plastic tubes. The tube filling machine capacities ranging from 30 to 150 tubes/minute are available with different models like linear tube filling machines, and rotary tube filling machines to meet today’s tube packaging demands in different industries.

    Our tube filling machine can fill viscous and semi-viscous products that are handled, like gel, shampoo, ointment, cosmetics, toothpaste, cream, adhesive, chocolate, sealant, mayonnaise, and many more.

    Tube Filling Sealing Machine Technology

    • Biaozan offers a variety of squeeze tube closing options for sealing Plastic, Laminate, and Metal tubes.
    • Plastic and Laminate squeeze tube seals include Curved Seals, Rounded Corners, Slot/Hole Punch for hanging tubes, and Custom Seals for unique tube presentations.
    • Seal patterns for Plastic and Laminate tubes are also offered in Smooth, Standard, or Custom textures.
    • Metal tube closures are offered with Single Fold, Double Fold, Saddle Fold, or Triple Fold with smooth or wave crimp options.
    • Plastic, Laminate, and Metal tube closures include up to 12 Digit Code with a double side code option.




    Plastic Tube Closing Station

    Metal Tube Closing Station

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