Biaozan is a reputable manufacturer of tube filling and sealing machines. Our selection of tube fillers is used to fill a wide range of products into tubes including cream, gel, ointment, shampoo, toothpaste adhesives, food products grease, sauce, and more, in various industries. What are the types of tubing techniques? We have a solution for this as well.
Our tube filling machines pack products with various viscosity properties. They are suitable and rigorously compliant with GMP standards, making them perfect for sealing and filling laminated as well as aluminum tubes.
Our tube filling equipment has a high level of automation, including automatic loading, color matching, sealing, batch numbering, and discharge. The inner wall of the hose is heated inside as part of the internal heating process using a hot air heater, which blasts out the molten plastic for additional labeling and batch numbering. An indexing mechanism is used for the indexing, which results in accurate and dependable placement. Frequency conversion speed regulation is applied by the main motor to benefit fully adjustable functioning.
At filling stations, this advanced tube filler has a rotating plate that can fit tubes. The process of filling starts at the first station and then moves to the other stations. The tube moves on to the next part of the lotion cream filling process, where the product is coded, and it gets folded. As soon as the tube is full, it comes out of the machine. This results in completed filled tubes.
  1. Safe, dependable, and pollution-free mechanical transmission is under the platform.
  2. The filling and sealing part sits above the platform, and the semi-closed static-free outer frame transparent cover is easy to see, operate, and maintain.
  3. Stainless steel operating panel, organic glass cover, and door protection feature.
  4. The oblique hanging tube storage holds more hoses.
  5. Top tube vacuum adsorption. After the upper tube interacts with the pressure tube device, the hose goes into the upper tube station.
  6. High-precision probes, stepper motors, and control hose patterns place the photoelectric alignment station.
  7. Anti-drawing, anti-drip filling without tube and filling.
  8. The tail sealing uses internal tube tail heating and an external cooling
    and cooling system.
  9. Automatic imprint of the batch number or date at the process-required place while sealing tails.
  10. Water pressure, air pressure, overload shutdown, fault protection.
  11. Waste-cutting manipulators cut the waste edge of hose tails, right-angle, R-angle, arc, and other special-shaped seals.
  • Improved Production Effectiveness: The tube filling line makes it easy for companies to quickly fill creams and lotions in tubes. With its speed and accuracy, it speeds up production and makes it more efficient.
  • Consistent and Dependable: When the tubes are filled by hand, the amount that goes in can vary. But our machine for filling lotions is very consistent and reliable when it comes to filling.
  • Lower Labor Costs: The use of human labor to fill tubes might increase production costs and demand a large workforce. On the other hand, using a cream filling machine eliminates the need for such labor-intensive techniques, making it a more cost-effective choice.
  • Product Wastage Reduction: A tube filling machine provides precise filling, resulting in less wasted product.
Are you seeking an exclusive foundation that is established in manufacturing multifunctional tube filling and sealing machines for your business and project assistance? Leave those worries away because they get your back! You can experience awe-inspiring product deals and tremendous discounts with your tube filling and sealing machine.
Biaozan is the top-rated company in the manufacturing of mixer, filling, and sealing machines. We have worked for over 20 years in providing an exceptional production of tube filling and sealing machines.
At Biaozan, you can encounter some exciting realizations if you ever try our tube filling and sealing machine. It provides you with some prestigious and irreplaceable features. Our tube filling and sealing machine can be advantageous for more comprehensive services since it fills with the extra durability of raw materials. We are providing you with realistic performance while operating.
In addition, it features high-resilient and high-speed functions. It is a friendly human-machine that provides stable and excellent performance for multi-typed filling and sealing procedures. It also has a flexible control system where you can control its filling speed and volume. A clean, pollution-free machine and does not do any severe maintenance.
We, Biaozan, use almost tested and proven raw materials to maintain the high perspective of the structural quality of our tube filling and sealing machine. Our senior inspector deeply examines and tests every part of our machines to ensure that it reaches us to the highest percentage of quality standards.
Our tube filling and sealing machine obtains the lS09001:2000, CE, and GMP certificate license. We are the most responsible tube filling and sealing machine manufacturer and supplier that trusts most of the well-rich and extensive market necessities local and international.
Biaozan prioritizes pure and absolute humanity service. We warmly accept any of your tube filling and sealing machine customization. We will let you experience pleasurable deals and the most considerable discount of all the machines.
You can now hand on the most brand new and upgraded version of tube filling and sealing machine at the lowest cost. We can cater to the bulk of your orders. Biaozan can present you with some of our tube filling and sealing machine samples, catalogs, and manuals for you to choose from and testify.
So if you are planning to extend your filling and sealing sales rating, Biaozan can be your 100% solution. We aggressively support your filling and sealing profession by manufacturing and supplying you with the abundance of your needed machines. Our managing team and staff are more than anything happy to pick out as your business partner. We are overwhelmed to witness your success in this field of business.
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