Automatic cup filling and sealing machine, is the company’s own r & d and production of automatic filling and sealing equipment, the whole machine stainless steel 304 manufacturing, touch screen human-machine interaction, simple and user-friendly operation, and a variety of fault warning functions.
The piston filling system has high precision and firm sealing. This machine is suitable for all kinds of viscous materials, widely used in food, daily chemicals, and other industries, and is the ideal cup/box product filling and sealing equipment.
The filling and sealing machine is suitable for the automatic packaging of various kinds of cup-filling liquid paste, particles, powders, and other products:
– Cup Paste: such as mineral water, yogurt, fresh milk, jelly, fruit juice, milk tea, seasoning sauce, sweet paste, etc.
– Cup Granules: such as popcorn, peanuts, rice, candy, etc.
– Cup Powder: such as coffee powder, flour, coconut powder, etc.
Tips: except for the basic filling and sealing function, other functions of the machine can be increased or decreased according to the requirements, and can be customized cup boxes of various sizes!
Principle of packaging: The machine is a full-automatic filling and sealing machine, which realizes automatic cup dropping through a PLC controller and various pneumatic electronic accessories.
Ultraviolet sterilization (optional), automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic code (optional), automatic capping (optional), and automatic delivery of finished products to the assembly line, to achieve mass production.