A cartoning machine or a cartoner is a packaging machine that picks up cartons from flat cardboard blanks, erects them and fills them with a rigid product, or a bag with the product or the number of products. The loading can be semi-automatic or fully automatic. After loading is completed, the complete cartons are closed and/or sealed.
Our cartoning machine is designed to perform carton pre-forming, several different products loading into pre-formed cartons, followed by carton closing. The machine is equipped with container star-wheel indexing bottles and changing their orientation from vertical to horizontal to enable loading them into horizontally fed pre-formed cartons. The pamphlets or leaflets are fed to the loading section with a pamphlet feeder and pamphlet distributors. In addition, this cartoner is equipped with a printing system for printing product information on the filled carton.
Machine Sections
  • In-feed conveyor
  • Optional in-feed turn-table
  • Carton magazine
  • Carton erecting section
  • Pamphlet magazine and feeder
  • Product loading section with robotic loader
  • Carton closing section
  • Product information printing section
  • Product reject section
  • Output conveyor

Cartons Infeed

The folded cartons are loaded manually into the carton magazine. This magazine can be adjusted according to carton sizes.

 Pamphlet Feeding
The pamphlets are loaded manually into the pamphlet magazine. The pamphlet feeder then separates them out one by one. The distribution of separated pamphlet is carried out by transferring them using a vacuum belt system and guiding rollers into one of the compartments for the rotary distributing system.