Composting is a great way to handle food waste (and all sorts of compostable items). Not only does it help reduce the strain on our landfills, but you also produce a nutritious soil additive that you can use to enrich the soil in your garden. You, basically, turn erstwhile food scrap into a safe and effective fertilizer.
The problem is, all that stuff in your compost pile can take a while to break down, essentially requiring you to keep rotting food in the vicinity for months at a time. If you’re not quite enthused at the prospect of putting up with that, an electric home compost machine offers a more efficient way to get the process done, as it can turn food waste into compost at an accelerated pace, essentially eliminating the usual struggles that come as part of traditional composting.
Electric home compost machines are the best way to solve the problem of kitchen waste.

Electric Kitchen Food Waste Composter – MD-11300

If you produce quite a bit of food waste and require something a tad bigger, this 3-liter home composter will probably be more suited to your needs. It’s pretty fast, too, finishing a cycle in as little as seven hours, although you’ll probably have to wait a little longer for bigger volumes. Similar to this model, it only produces pre-compost, so you’ll need to place the dirt somewhere and give it time to cure before mixing in with your garden soil. It uses a carbon filter for eliminating odors, although the outfit doesn’t sell replacement cartridges, so you’ll have to purchase your own charcoal filter replacements and swap them into the cartridge manually.

This electric home composter has a profile that’s wider and shorter than other products in the category, which makes it a lot more suited for placing on countertops and side tables.