Fully automatic rotary cup filling & sealing machine can automatically drop empty cups, empty cup detection, automatic quantitative filling of materials into cups, automatic film release and sealing and discharge of finished products. Its capacity is 800-2400 cups/hour depending on the number of different molds, which is suitable for the production needs of food and beverage factories.

The whole machine is made of stainless steel 304 and anodized aluminum to ensure it can operate properly in harsh food factory environments such as moisture, steam, oil, acid, and salt. Its body can be rinsed clean with water.
High quality imported electrical and pneumatic parts are used to ensure long-term stable operation and reduce downtime and maintenance time.
  • Rotary Plate-Driven System: Servo motor with a planetary gear reducer is used for the stepping operation of the rotary table. It rotates very fast, but because the servo motor can start and stop smoothly, it avoids material splashing and also maintains positioning accuracy.
  • Empty Cup Drop Function: It adopts spiral separation and pressing technology, which can avoid damage and deformation of empty cups, and has a vacuum suction cup to guide empty cups into the mold accurately.
  • Empty Cup Detection Function: Adopt a photoelectric sensor or fiber optic sensor to detect whether the mold is empty or not, which can avoid the wrong filling and sealing when the mold is not empty, and reduce product waste and machine cleaning.
  • Quantitative Filling Function: With piston filling and cup lifting function, no splash and leakage, filling system tool disassemble design, with CIP cleaning function.
  • Aluminum Foil Film Placement Function: It consists of a 180-degree rotating vacuum suction cup and film bin, which can quickly and accurately place the film on the mold.
  • Sealing Function: Consists of heating and sealing mold and cylinder pressing system, sealing temperature can be adjusted from 0-300 degrees, based on Omron PID controller and solid state relay, temperature difference is less than +/- 1 degree.
  • Discharge System: It consists of a cup lifting and cup pulling system, which is fast and stable.
  • Automation Control System: Consists of PLC, touch screen, servo system, sensor, magnetic valve, relay, etc.
  • Pneumatic System: Consists of valves, air filters, meters, pressure sensors, magnetic valves, cylinders, silencers, etc.
  • Safety Guard: It is an optional feature, consisting of a PC board and stainless steel with a safety switch to protect the operator.