Perfumes and Essential Oil products often require equipment that can deliver products in a low dose with a visually appealing fill level. Fortunately, Biaozan offers multiple solutions for small, medium, and large dose projects and can accommodate a wide range of container types. If you a filling perfumes or essential oils in either standard to specialty containers then this is the section for you.

Biaozan offers multiple filling machine solutions for perfumes, essential oils, and various cosmetic products. These types of products are challenging because of the smaller dose sizes and designer bottles. Perfume, cologne, essential oils, light makeup remover, massage oils, intimate oils, nail polish removers, dye, and other similar viscosity cosmetic products are examples of products handled by Biaozan filling machines.

Our sales engineers know the liquid packaging industry. We are proud to offer our clients a wide variety of different cosmetic bottling equipment. We offer everything you need for a packaging line. Our equipment is manufactured to the strictest quality standards insanitary conditions that ensure we deliver the best possible products to our valued customers. The equipment we offer our clients is ideal for filling a variety of liquids from water thin to highly viscous products. Call for a quote no matter your packaging challenges.

The perfumes and essential oil bottle filling machine is available to fill small doses into various round and flat plastic or glass bottles, the filling range can be customized for 5-100ml.

High precision cam provides a regular plate to position, cork, and cap; and touch screen controls all action. No bottle no filling and no capping. The machine enjoys simple operation and also protects bottle caps.

Mainly used for the filling linkage production of various liquid materials in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry.


  • All machines adopt PLC control and touch screen operation.
  • The filling machines have 3 functions of liquid/oil filling station, plug arranging station, plugging station, cap arranging station, and capping station.
  • All machines made of SS304, the contact parts made of SS316L, meet GMP standard.
  • Filling capacity can be adjusted on the touch screen, and the parameters can be saved in the machine automatically.
  • No bottle no filling, no plug no capping, production capacity automatically accounts.