As one of the companies that design and manufacture both compatible empty capsules and Filling and Sealing machines. We know how hard is it if you are new to the coffee capsules business.  
What will you start if you decide to produce capsules yourself?
  • Acknowledge of different capsules.
  • Research of the market of different capsule systems.
  • Sourcing compatible capsules supplier.
  • Sourcing compatible coffee capsule filling and sealing machine.
  • Sourcing compatible coffee maker.
  • Sourcing outer packing for capsules.
  • Flavor test.
  • Tryer production.
  • Mass production.

In a fast-paced life, for coffee lovers, more and more young people find it hard to have enough spare time to grind beans, and then wait for a cup of coffee. Compared with fresh coffee beans, the biggest advantage of coffee capsules is fast and convenient.

There are three main types of coffee capsules.

  1. classic coffee capsules with ground coffee。
  2. coffee capsules in various new shapes with freeze-dried coffee。
  3. coffee capsules with espresso liquid.
On our website, we mainly focus on coffee capsules with the first 3 types. If your product belongs to the third one, please contact us directly.
The ground coffee is packed in capsules. With nitrogen, the flavor can be maintained for about two years.
Putting the coffee capsule into the coffee machine and waiting for about 30 seconds, people could easily get Americano, black coffee, Espresso, cappuccino, and many other styles. With any choice of fruity, chocolaty, nutty flavor, everyone can make a cup of fragrant coffee like a coffee master.
As for freeze-dried coffee, it’s as convenient as 3 in 1 coffee for coffee drinkers.
However, unlike the thermal extraction of 3 in 1 coffee, its low-temperature extraction can better preserve the strong taste and aroma of coffee.
For merchants, various freeze-dried coffee capsules could greatly attract customers’ eyes and thus enhance their purchasing desire.
Meanwhile, things with a sense of ceremony are always more pleasing.
No matter what kind of coffee capsule, nitrogen flushing is very important for keeping fresh. All our coffee capsule packing machines could achieve this function.

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