Demand and Supply
The cartoning machine’s cost is driven by the demand for better, more convenient, and sturdy packaging equipment.
This will imply that you have to go for a machine with advanced features. Consequently, this will basically determine the cost of cartoning machine.
Furthermore, the lengthy supply chain of products beginning from manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers up to consumers plays a critical role here.
Safety of the Cartoning Machine
Fully automated systems not only guarantee precise and optimal production but also the safety of cartoning machines and technicians.
This has led to a need to adapt to protective packaging methods for safety and ease of handling and transportation of products to the market.
As a result, it plays an integral role in determining the price of the cost of cartoning machine. Cartons presented the best solution.
Degree of Automation
Automation has brought a lot of changes in the manufacturing of modernized cartoning machines. More production businesses are switching to both automated production and packaging which demand little human labour input.
In this case, the unit price of cartoning machines may widely vary depending on their degree of automation. For instance, a fully-automatic cartoning machine is likely to cost more than a semi-automatic cartoning machine.
This is because the former has an additional feature, that is, the ability to run the whole cartoning procedure more efficiently, and effectively and increase the overall throughput as compared to the latter.
Also, cartoning machine designed for forming only cartons will be more affordable, unlike one designed and manufactured to accomplish both carton forming and product packaging.
The level of automation has created multiple avenues for cartoning machine manufacturers. They can produce machines with different capabilities, depending on the specific needs of their customers.
Production Capacity of Cartoning Machine
The capacity of cartoning machines plays a great role when it comes to the pricing of a cartoning machine.
But, what do I mean when say the capacity of a cartoning machine?
This is the number of units the cartoning equipment can output in an hour.
Different designs of cartoning machines have different capacities. Normally, a cartoning machine with a higher production capacity will be more expensive.
This crucial feature directly affects the price of many cartoning machines.
It is prudent to know what capacity specification of cartoning equipment you need to assess your purchasing power.
Type of Product
Cartoning machines are used in different industries for packaging of a wide array of various products for the market.
Definitely, the type of product also becomes a determining factor in the pricing of a cartoning machine. The size of the product dictates the design of the packing unit.
The product features such as base area, weight etc., must be captured to come with a precise packing procedure on that cartoning machine.
Evidently, putting into consideration such factors coupled with the design size of such a cartoner, you will realize a variation in the prices of cartoning machines. For instance, those in the food and beverages industry vary from those in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
Additional Accessories and Equipment
There are two types of designs deployed while manufacturing cartoning machines. These are rigid and flexible designs.
A rigid cartoning machine has been designed to with limited features for future upgrade. Whereas a flexible cartoning machine is designed to accommodate optional features – such as interlinking with a product production process.
Whether is an Online or Offline Carton Forming Machine
First, I must make it clear what I mean by an online or offline cartoning machine.
An online carton forming machine refers to a type of machine that directly links up with production line to complete product packaging in one process. For instance, you may have a blister packing machine with cartoning equipment coupled together.
On the other hand, an off line cartoner means product packaging is conducted though after finishing production.
Therefore, for an online cartoning machine speed and power has to be factored in before manufacturing the machinery. This is to ensure the production speed is properly synchronous to perfectly match the two processes.
Obviously, to acquire an on line carton forming machine will make you spend more due to the above factors as compared to off line where you set machine speed based on shift hours.
Generally, these are some of the main features of cartoning machine that can affect the unit price of this equipment.
The bottom line:
Underestimating the choice of a robust cartoning machine for your business packaging solutions can invite unforeseen expenses thus increasing production cost altogether. Much is expected before the product presentation into market.
This is why there is need to understand what main features of cartoning machines have and how they affect the unit price of a machine.