We design this Cartoning Machine or Box Packing Machine to automatically erect cartons, insert the products, and close the flaps by tucking in or pasting suiting the cartons’ design.
Products like Toothpaste, Creams, soap, Table strips, Bearings, etc., can be packed by a cartooning machine.
A cartoning machine or box packing machine is a packaging machine that forms cartons: erect, close, folded, side-seamed, and sealed cartons.
Packaging machines form a carton board blank into a carton filled with a product or bag of products or a number of products say into a single carton, after the filling, the machine engages its tabs/slots to apply adhesive and close both the ends of the carton completely sealing the carton.
Cartoning machines can be divided into two types:
A cartoning machine that picks a single piece from a folded carton stack and erects it fills with a product or bag of products or a number of products horizontally through an open end and closes by tucking the end flaps of the carton or applying glue or adhesive. The product might be pushed in the carton either through the mechanical sleeve or by pressurized air. For many applications, however, the products are inserted into the carton manually. This type of Cartooning machine is widely used for packaging foodstuffs, confectionery, medicine, cosmetics, sundry goods, etc.
A cartoning machine that erects a folded carton filled with a product or number of products vertically through an open end and closes by tucking the carton’s end flaps or applying glue or adhesive is called an end load cartooning machine. Cartooning machines are widely used for packaging bottled foodstuffs, confectionery, medicine, cosmetics, etc., and can vary based on the scale of the business.
The maximum speed that can be achieved is around 180 cartons/minute, 
Chains are suited to adjust to variable carton sizes. No Carton, no product, and vice versa interlock are provided SS side covers with polycarbonate top covers and microswitch safety systems are provided. We design the machine fully controlled through PLC.
Although the different products are manually inserted into the carton, the product is packed into a carton using a pneumatic pusher or a mechanical pusher for several applications. Our automatic cartooning machines are widely used in different industries such as medicine, cosmetics, food packaging, and confectionery, and are tailored to suit our client’s requirements.