Bottle Filling and Capping Machine or bottle filler capper is a commonly usage form of filling machine for filling liquid in different packaging types. Our range of filling machine can fill aqueous solution, foaming liquid, semi viscous solution products. Bottle liquid filler can fill PET, plastic, glass, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and other containers. Bottles, jars, containers & other solid packing types can be filled with Badrinath bottle-filling machines. The basic unit consists of a base structure, stainless steel slat conveyor belt, piston pump, and filling needles.

The speed of Bottle Filling Machines depends on the nature of the Liquids, container Diameter, container Height, container Neck Size, and fill volume. Machine construction is in fully Stainless-Steel finish including machine frame structure as per cGMP guidelines. Machine with Optional Turn Tables at In-feed and Out-feed stations with individual drives to match the speed of incoming and outgoing Bottles for smoother operation.
We manufacture different models suitable to fill 10ml to 1000ml fill volumes and are suitable for Round, Oval, Flat, or Square Bottles with a maximum speed of up to 120 Bottles per minute.
Exclusive Features of Monoblock Filling Machine
  • The structure body is made from Stainless Steel materials.
  • Filling and capping both operations on a single platform.
  • “No Bottle – No Fill” System.
  • Capping with the option of screw caps or ROPP screw caps.
  • All contact parts are made of stainless steel with an easy removal system for Auto-Calving/Sterilization/Cleaning.
  • Diving Nozzle for Foam-free filling.
  • Very High Fill Accuracy.
  • Automatic Infeed and Exit of Bottles.
  • Minimum Change Over time.
  • Unique Free Spinning Bottle Separator- No pneumatic operation.
  • Variable A.C. frequency drive for speed adjustment.
  • Digital Bottle Counter for counting production output.
  • On-line Mechanism.
  • IQ/OQ validation documents can be offered.
Types of Bottle Filling and Capping Machines
Different types of mechanisms are used in bottle filler cappers according to the characteristics of the liquid, flow property, fill volume, and desired fill accuracy.
We offer different types of bottle-filling systems based on different filling mechanisms, some of which are described below:
  • Mechanical operated Bottle Filling Machine
  • Piston Pump type Bottle Filling Machine
  • Electronic Liquid Filling Machine
  • Servo-Driven Bottle Filling Machine
  • Gear Pump based Bottle Filling Machine
  • Peristaltic Pump type Bottle Filling Machine
  • Digital Liquid Filling Machine
  • Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine
  • Flameproof or Explosion Proof Filling Machine (ATEX certified)
  • Screw Cap type Bottle Capping System
  • ROPP Screw Cap type Bottle Capper Unit
  • PLC system with Graphical User Interface. (optional)