In the current fast-pace life, coffee serves as a spirit-lifting stuff to many commuters and students. The popularity of coffee brings the booming development of the coffee filling & sealing machine. A coffee filling & sealing machine is an apparatus that fills coffee powder into a pod-shaped plastic. If you are engaged in the coffee filling & sealing machine business or you are going to enter this business circle, today’s overview is definitely a piece of good news for your reference.

Types of Coffee Capsule Filling & Sealing Machine
There are two main types of coffee pod machines that you can choose from, namely Automatic Coffee Filling Machine and Semi-automatic Coffee Filling Machine. Just as the written meaning, Automatic Coffee Filling Machine can achieve automatic operation. It frees you from tedious and physical work, i.e. controlling the machine from the touch screen control panel. Semi-automatic Coffee Filling Machine will involve your manual labor in part of the packaging operations.
In this section, you will take a brief tour of our four types of coffee pod machines. They are respectively as follows: Nespresso Capsule, Dolce Gusto Capsule, K cup Filling and Sealing Machines, Lavazza Capsule. It can be said that these coffee pod machines are by far the most practical and commonly used type in the coffee business.

Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine

  • The basic machine, 1 lane can produce up to 30 Nespresso per min.
  • With carrier plates driven by a pneumatic system, it is very easy to maintain and clean.
  • Easily processing different styles of capsules by means of size changeover.
  • Occupying a small layout area. That means that you can place a capsule-filling machine as you desire.
  • Multi-lane machines can produce up to 8000 Nespresso per hour.
  • Can be designed with sundry additional functions.
  • Environmental-friendly and low noise emissions.
  • With a simple and easy-understanding structure, it is easy to learn, operate and maintain.

5 Pros of Coffee Capsule Filling & Sealing Machine

The popularity of coffee capsule filling machine means that such machines must have some merits deserve to be mentioned. Now, let’s dive right in.
Ⅰ. Easy to Operate
The biggest favorable advantage of the coffee capsule filling machine is easy to operate. Because the majority of such machine is exclusively designed for those who don’t receive special barista training. In the current marketplace, coffee capsule filling tends to be fully automatic, and much more advanced than traditional filling and sealing machines. Hence, you can easily operate it.
Ⅱ. Cost Saving
Integrating the powerful parts or components, the coffee pod machines can serve for a long span of time. Moreover, it is simple and less costly to maintain a coffee capsule filling machine. All you need to notice is the certification of lubrification of the moving parts. Speaking in detail, you should cleanse and lubricate the machine in the regular time.
Ⅲ. Time Saving
Previously, it was boring and time-consuming to pack coffee by means of manned labour. Plus, being flesh, we humans inevitably become weak and insufficient from the high-pressed and rotating working. However, with the advent of the coffee capsule machine, the workers are extricated from the tedious and otiose labors. Composing the strong steel, this huge guy will save plenty of time and excess human effort.
Ⅳ. Safety
All of the coffee capsule filling & sealing machine is consistent with the international safety standard. Plus, they have passed the simulated environment test full of various adverse elements. Therefore, the safety of the machine is beyond the doubt.
Ⅴ. Flexible.
Despite the great difference in packaging requirements, the machine can be capable of packing the coffee as the practical needs. Just a slight click of the screen can achieve the changeover of the sizes and types of packaging.
Applications of Coffee Capsule Filling & Sealing Machine
The coffee capsule filling &sealing machine is majorly applicable to packing the coffee. It can protect the coffee from the light and air so as to lose its aroma and taste. It is suitable for packing all kinds of coffee, such as Nespresso Capsule, Dolce Gusto Capsule, K cup Filling and Sealing Machines, and Lavazza Capsule. Other than packing coffee, you may find the applications of coffee capsule filling & sealing machines in other fields. Following are some of the other applications filed: Pharmaceutical, medicine, chemicals (powder, pellet, granule, pill), vitamin filling, foodstuff filling animal drug filling, etc.
Parts of Coffee Pod Packaging Equipment
To better use the coffee filling and sealing machine, you need to be familiar with the parts of the machine. In this section, you will learn more about the main parts of the coffee pod machines. Seen as follows:

1. Relay

These are switches that electronically or electromechanically control the electrical circuit.

2. Temperature Controller

The temperature-controlling system will control and adjust the temperatures while making the coffee pods.
3. Power Control
This is the indispensable and basic part of the coffee pod machines. Without it, you can’t either turn the power on or off.
4. Conveyor Belt
The conveyor belt is responsible for the delivery of the coffee pods of the whole production process.
5. Servo Motor
With it, you could control the angular position and velocity of the coffee pod machines.
6. Cylinder
Composing the stainless steel, the cylinder is a device for raw materials processing. It contains the coffee that you need to pack into the pods.
The interior special veneer treatment of the cylinder prevents corrosion, and wear. Last but not least, the special inner material will not have chemical reactions with the coffee powder and affect its flavor.
7. Multitrack Auger Dispenser
The dispenser takes the coffee powder from the machine to the coffee pods. It features a valve that will open and close to proceed with the filling operation.
8. Funnels and Nozzles
The funnels and nozzles channel the coffee powder or granules into the pods without causing unnecessary effluence.
9. Load Cell
After filling, the load cell takes the onus to check and ensure the exactness of the coffee pods’ weights.
10. Sealing Equipment
After packaging the pods, the machine will run the tear notch seal to seal the pods. The finished product features a tight sealing notch but is easy to open.
11. Eye Mark Sensor
The eye mark sensor mainly boasts three kinds of roles as follows: Identifying the packaging materials; Controlling the position of the material; and Coordinating the separation and cutting of the packaging materials.
You could quickly find out the source of breakdown in the practical operation circumstance when getting familiar with the components mentioned above. It is better, of course, to be free from the machine’s trouble. And then, let’s move on to the next part – How Coffee Capsule Filling and Sealing Machine Work?
How to Use Coffee Capsule Filling & Sealing Machine?
Generally, the coffee pod filling and sealing machine will be attached to the operation instructions. The following are some brief procedures about starting up and turning off for your reference.
Steps of Starting Up:
1) Firstly, turning on the external power supply.
2) Pressing the computer power switch to start the interface of the computer operator.
3) Starting the main control power supply. At this point, the operator can start the coffee capsule filling & sealing machine.
4) Once there is an emergency, the operator should quickly press the emergency stop button. And the system will lose power and enter the shutdown state. If it needs to start up again, please screw the emergency stop button out.
5) Pressing the power switch on the laser starter to make the laser head enter the working state. At this moment, the power switch indicator is on. And turn on the power of the computer monitor and enter the coffee capsule filling machine system. Inputting the packaging specifications in the programmable logic controller ( aka PLC). The machine will work automatically. All you need to do is to observe whether the machine works normally.
6) It must be noted that the operator should wage the processing operation normally and orderly according to the operation instructions. The purpose of that is to avoid scrapping products due to inappropriate operations.
Steps of Turning Off:
1) After the coffee capsule production is over, the operator should ensure the right specification of the finished products. And then, exit the software.
2) And then the operator should turn off the main control power supply. At this moment, the coffee capsule filling and sealing machine is turned off.
How to Maintain Coffee Capsule Filling & Sealing Machine?
Maintenance is an important way to maintain, improve performance, and precision, save money, improve work efficiency, and create more economic benefits. It can also extend the service life of the coffee capsule filling and sealing machine effectively if they maintain the machine well. The following summarizes the 9 specific maintenance methods.
1) When the machine is not working, the operators shall cut off the power supply of the coffee pod machines and computers.
2) When the machine is not working, cover the dust-proof to prevent dirt from polluting the machine.
3) While the machine is working, it is in a high-voltage state. The non-specialized staff should not operate or repair it to avoid electric shock.
4) If any failure occurs to the machine, the operators shall immediately cut off the power supply.
5) When the coffee capsule filling and sealing machine is used for a long time, the dust will be adsorbed on the display screen. It will influence the observation experience. If the surface of the screen is not clean, the operator should use long-fiber cotton swabs or lens paper to dip with the ethanol to gently scrub the screen surface.
6) During the working process of the coffee capsule filling & sealing machine, the operator does not move the machine to avoid damage.
7) Do not cover or place other objects on the coffee pod machines to avoid affecting the heat dissipation effect of the machine.
8) Pay attention to cleaning up the dust every day. Keep the inside of the machine dry and clean, and clean the dust from the inside out.
9) Keep the working environment of the coffee capsule filling & sealing machine dry and well-ventilated.
Considerations Before Purchasing Coffee Capsule Filling & Sealing Machine
Now, I guess you have an intense desire to purchase a coffee capsule filling & sealing machine. Before you proceed to purchase or import a coffee capsule filling & sealing machine. You need to observe more and make an investigation from many aspects. The following are x influential factors that you should take into consideration.
1) Price Comparison
The price is always the first factor to be considered. After the inquiry, you will get a wide range of prices for the coffee pod machines from different suppliers. At this point, it is time for you to conduct the price comparison in combination with the technical specifications of every machine.
2) Choosing the Appropriate Machine Size
For the selection of the size of the coffee capsule filling & sealing machine, it is not such a case that the larger the machine, the better. The users need to select the appropriate machine size according to the practical requirements.
3) Determine the Power Required
The coffee pod machines have many types of power, and different machine powers have different processing effects. Generally speaking, the greater the power of the laser engraver, the faster the processing velocity.
4) Space Requirement
You need to know the space the machine takes in the installation and operation process. That will be beneficial for you to prepare the size of the room where you will place the coffee pod machines.
5) Production Capacity
You need to look at the production capacity. You can have a look at the product specification or consult with the manufacturer. The production capacity includes information on the filling and packaging capacity of the coffee pod machines.
6) Man Power Engagement
Considering this factor in terms of either purchasing an automatic or semi-automatic coffee capsule filling & sealing machine. Semi-automatic coffee pod packaging machine involves more manned labor, leading to an increase in the cost.
7) Checking the Reputation or Public Praise
The reputation of manufacturers is an important factor for users to judge the quality of the coffee pod machines. When choosing a machine, the users must check its quality. They can get the evaluation of the quality directly from a third party. If the manufacturer’s reputation is not bad, its coffee capsule filling and sealing machine will be good.
8) The After-sales Service
After-sales service can help users save a lot of unnecessary time and solve most of their problems. Generally speaking, the large-scale and well-known manufacturers of coffee filling & sealing machines provide better after-sales. The better the manufacturers, the more attention they pay to after-sales.