Once a product has been packed in an individual primary package, it is often placed in a carton with a number of other identical products. This process is usually completed by an automatic cartoning machine.
What is an Automatic Cartoning Machine?
Cartoning machines are packaging systems that fill and seal cartons. In essence, they pick up a flat carton, erect it into a rectangular shape, push the product into the carton, and close the carton via end flaps or a fold-over lid. Machines can be semi-automatic or fully automatic.
What Products Are Horizontal Cartoning Machines Used For?
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: medicine board, oral liquid, bagged granules, ointment, etc.
  • Food Industry: popsicles, egg rolls, bread, coffee bags, seasoning packets, milk powder bags, etc.
  • Daily Chemical Industry: toothpaste, soap, cosmetics, facial mask, cream, lipstick, etc.
  • Plastic Industry: cling film, disposable film gloves, plastic products, etc.
  • Entertainment industry: pens, staplers, glue, playing cards, puzzles, toys, etc.

Horizontal Cartoning Machine Features:

  • Automatic feeding, box opening, product feeding, batch number printing, box sealing, compact and reasonable structure, simple operation, and adjustment.
  • Using servo motor and touch screen, PLC programmable control system, man-machine interface operation.
  • Adopting a photoelectric eye automatic detection and tracking system saves packaging materials.
  • The packaging range is large, the adjustment is convenient, and the quick conversion between various specifications and sizes can be realized.
  • The automatic shutdown and the main drive motor overload protection device if the products are not in the right place in the box, it is safer and more reliable.
  • Designing various automatic feeders according to different product packaging requirements.