Automatic filling capping machine (overflow filler) can do automatic bottle feeding, automatic liquid filling, automatic cap feeding, cap placing, cap screwing, and automatic bottle out-feeding procedure, and the machine can be applied to round and oval round bottle containers that usually be used on daily cleaning supplies such as shampoo, shower gel, moisturizing cream, perfume, laundry detergent, and dishwashing.

Because the oval bottles have a larger surface that can be used on product feature demonstration, also, their lively shape makes it popular and becomes common packaging choice. The Automatic Filling Capping machine is designed for oval bottles which are easy to overturn while conveying, providing stable and balanced transportation for many sizes/heights of the bottle. The filling station has multiple filling nozzles and dual-track conveying which are designed for maintaining continuous production and increasing efficiency, also, the distance between two bottles remains properly so that there is no interference in the liquid filling procedure.

After the filling procedure, the bottles will be conveyed to the cap-placing machine, and start automatic cap placing, cap pressing and cap screwing process simultaneously. The 3 in 1 machine design of cap-sorting, cap-pressing and cap-screwing not only shorten the process time but also saving the space in production area. The automatic filling capping line will correct the system automatically according to the central spot of the container while doing the liquid filling and cap screwing procedure. If the production line is connected to the labeler, the production line can correct or maintain the specific transporting angle. Every mechanism was designed after full consideration of production details, making the production process fluent and efficient.

How Could The Automatic Filling Capping Line Be Used On Different sizes of Round And Oval Round Bottles?

An automatic liquid filling capping machine can be applied to low to medium-concentrated liquid. In addition, when the container is an oval bottle, not a common round bottle, it would be more challenging to design a fully automatic bottle unscrambler, conveyor, filling machine, capping machine, and labeling machine because, unlike a common round bottle, the oval one could be more various in dimension and shape. (the oval bottle has both short and long axes that cause more variety so sometimes cannot use a common design for bottle unscrambling, conveying, positioning, and bottle out-feeding purposes.) Biaozan will customize the filling capping machine design according to the shape of the bottle you’d like to use, providing oval bottle automatic filling capping modules that have advantage of the universal appliance and can be applied to different sizes of round/oval bottles. The mechanical design focused on the commonality of the module, providing the easy-changing and simple-to-adjust method that means convenience in operation and Full automatic high-speed liquid filling capping production line.

  1. Overflow filling capping machine is equipped with a threaded-rod conveying device that make bottle transport more stable and consistent.
  2. Multiple nozzles, dual-track liquid filling machine keeps you from wasting time on bottle positioning and it saves your filling time which can improve capacity.
  3. The gear pump used on filling machine meets the hygiene regulation.
  4. The Module on the instrument can be customized to apply to different bottle.
  5. The filling volume is adjustable, depending on the bottle capacity and bottle mouth diameter.
  6. Memory function let you save and load the parameter setting easily, simple to do product changeover.
  7. The filling nozzle is made of stainless steel and it has special ball valve that can prevent liquid dripping.
  8. Automatic filler capper machine equipped with high accuracy Big brand sensor, lower the false detection possibility.
  9. The machine interface is user-friendly, simple to operate and can adjust the filling volume and production speed.
  10. The liquid filling machine is equipped with dripping-free device under the filling nozzle, avoiding liquid dripping.
  11. The diving filling nozzle prevents foam from forming when liquid filling.
  12. The flow sensor and liquid level detection sensor provide stable filling speed and precise liquid output.
  13. The cap-sorting, cap-feeding and cap-placing machine can be customized (for special caps)
  14. Oval round bottle liquid filling capping machine can be applied to room temperature and low viscosity liquid filling production.
  15. The capping machine has no-cap and no-bottle reminders so the operator can monitor the production on time.
  16. The overflow filling capping machine has a production capacity counting function that can be used for quantity statistics and daily capacity analysis.
  17. The filling tube meets the food, pharmaceutical, and biotech industry requirements; there will be no interaction between the tube and the liquid.
  18. The automatic overflow filling capping line is easy to adjust and has a precise control system.
  19. The special vacuum valve can be applied to low to medium-concentrated liquid filling.
  20. The Automatic shut-off valve ensures the surplus liquid will flow into a storage tank and no other recycling equipment is needed.
  21. Automatic capping machines can use different capping modes according to the cap types and bottle shapes you use.
  22. Both the filling head and capping head are equipped with a hand wheel and position indicator which can help the operator to adjust the machine and record the data.
  23. Multi-speed motor-driven conveyor the speed can be adjusted depending on production requirements.
  24. The modularized design makes it easy to maintain and can be replaced according to your needs.
  25. The automatic filling capping machine is controlled by PLC, and its counting function ensures the production process.
  26. The filling line is modularized and can be updated on demand, increasing production flexibility.
  27. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and hardened aluminum alloy, which is solid and lasting
  28. Adjustable base frame and moving wheel.
  29. The automatic bottle in-feed and out-feed machines can upgrade the line into fully automatic production, reducing the manpower requirement.
  30. Automatic bottle unturned and bottle jam detection function.
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