Biaozan coffee capsule filling sealing machine adopts an Italian design concept, it’s a range of versatile and flexible machines equipped for filling& sealing of capsules on a rotary table or multi-lane, and integrates automatic sorting, filling, nitrogen gas flushing, and sealing in a single block, it’s possible to adapt different types of the compatible capsule with various shapes and sizes, such as K-cup, Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza, etc. Filled with coffee, tea, barley, infusions, or soluble products and sealed with heat-sealing material.

The Benefits

  • Auger filler with extremely precise dosing.
  • Independent R & D capsule rim completely clean system which achieves nearly 100% none dust.
  • Full servo control.
  • Super nitrogen gas flushing system.
  • Italian designed an empty capsule sorting system that can store up10,000 Pcs empty capsules each time, greatly saving labor(optional)Remote controller able to monitor and debug machine PLC program online(optional).
  • Tight and pretty sealing.
    Intelligent multiple detecting devices: no cup no filling, no film no sealing, waste rejecting.
  • Lid cutting without edge waste.
  • Protective cover constructed of high-strength aluminum frame stainless steel 304 configuration for product contact parts and other major parts.
  • High-strength anodized aluminum swivel plate.
  • Mechanically driven design with fewer pneumatic components for greater reliability, and good synchronization.
  • Mechanical lid suction and positioning.