If you are looking to fill/seal preformed cups, or trays, look to Biaozan for a cup filling solution to meet your needs. With multiple filling, and sealing options, consider Biaozan for packaging products like cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese/butter spreads, whipped cream, ice cream, nuts, snacks, cereal, and more. Our cup filling and sealing machine solutions offer a range of capacity, footprint, and configuration options, with filling abilities from 800 to 10000 cups/h output.

Our cup filling sealing machine solutions are suitable for a wide range of container types, including rounds and non-rounds, with various lane and configuration range options.

Unique Advantages of Biaozan’s Cup Filling Sealing Equipment
  • Some of the fastest production speeds available in the market
  • CIP, volumetric, and flowmeter filling options
  • Solutions for all container shapes and materials
  • A broad range of filling and sealing machine types, including automatic rotary cup filling and sealing machine solutions, linear machines, intermittent or continuous motion options, and more
  • High-precision CAM indexing gauge control.
  • Use frequency converting control, easy to adjust the filling speed, automatic count.
  • Automatic stop, no cup no filling.
  • Automatic cup filling and sealing machine solutions that speed production and increase efficiency
CLICK HERE to view our portfolio of cup filling/sealing equipment. In every application in which our equipment is used, we are able to increase production throughput, improve efficiency, and provide a massive boost to production quality and accuracy.
Linear Cup Filling Machine
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