Biaozan’s Coffee Capsule Filling Machine fills measured ground coffee into individual small capsules for making instant coffee in custom-made machines. Some filling machines may use an integrated system of filling channels, conveyor lines, and sealing heads to create an all-in-one production system for manufacturing custom coffee pods. The ExpakChina range provides automatic filling and sealing functions for coffee capsules and pods. Our machines are compatible with all the leading coffee machine types, including Nespresso, Kcup, Lavazza, and Dolce Gusto.

This series machine is specially designed for coffee powder products (or other kinds of powder products, such as cocoa powder, milk powder, etc. ) to be filled and sealed inside an empty plastic coffee capsule. Based on touch screen control in English (or other languages) and Chinese language, it is convenient and reliable. It is a kind of program-controlled machine that is universal and functional. Features are compact structure, high automation, easy to use, stable performance, simple maintenance, high production efficiency, and 24-hour continuous work.

Standard Functions:
  1. Automatically sort the capsules (vertical or horizontal falling cups are optional), which need to be customized according to the capsules.
  2. After the cup is dropped, it will be detected. If there is no cup, it will not be filled.
  3. The foreign body detection will automatically pause to ensure the safe operation of the machine.
  4. Servo motor drives screw filling, and the filling accuracy is maintained at ±0.05-0.2g. After filling, it enters the nitrogen flushing station. The nitrogen plate keeps the nitrogen gas until the film is cut.
  5. After cutting the film or putting out the film, the detection device detects whether there is any film, and finally, heat sealing.
  6. Weighing and rejecting unqualified products.
  7. Emergency brake button, suspend work at any time when there is a problem.
  8. Schneider PLC touchscreen control, including English and Chinese languages. You can change the logo and language if you can provide us.
About Biaozan
Biaozan is a coffee capsule packaging equipment manufacturer, we focus on coffee capsule packaging (K cup, Nespresso, Lavazza, Dolce Gusto, etc) and concentrate on every corner of the machine. Our machines from design, raw material picking up, process (mechanical processing+artificial buffing), assemble to testing are finished under a set of rigid procedures.
We can design different models to meet the need of different shapes of containers.