This bottle filling and capping machine includes the turn table feeding bottle, automatic filling, automatic feeding, capping, labeling, and bottle collection table.
This production consists of a bottle feeding table, peristaltic pump filling, feeding sprayer pump(glass dropper),pre-capping, servo capping, labeling, and bottle collection table.
This machine line has the function of arranging bottles, filling paste/liquid, feeding inner plugs and bottle caps, capping bottles, and sorting bottles. With an all-in-one machine, it can greatly save working space. All of the machines can be customized.
  • Liquid, lotion, cream generic.
  • Automatic filling, within corking, and capping, the container is discharged.
  • The linear operation, automatic maneuver recycled jig.
  • Fixture adjustable, exchange bottle type simply adjust the clamp to fill different bottles.
  • Servo motor control sneak follows filling, to prevent the filling material from outside the spray when the bubble.
  • Servo motors combined with the rotary valve, and piston quantitative filling, are easy to control, and regulate the simple, high-precision filling volume for the filling material more widely.
  • Capping servo lifting, robot gripping capping, cap size adjustable, capping torque adjustable, no damage to the cap, capping a high success rate.
  • The robot automatically discharged finished, convenient, and reliable.
  • Equipped with moving wheels, easy to move. Machine with sanitary stainless steel, aluminum manufacturing quality, clean and hygienic.
  • Anyone can skillfully operate in a short time.
  • Man-machine interface with a recipe function, simply replace the product that you need to select the recipe can be realized easily and quickly.