Biaozan has been providing customers with superb liquid-filling machines for over 20 years. Product characteristics determine the bottle filling machine needed for your products. The goal is to deliver a precise amount of product to the consumer in an attractive bottle that promotes your offering over the competition.
There are several filler technologies available, and each one works best for a specific range of liquids. An overflow filler is a great choice for foamy industrial cleaners but should not be used for viscous creams. A piston filler can work great for salsa but not so well for perfume.
Biaozan manufactures a variety of liquid filling machines such as Inline filling systems. Such systems are capable of filling almost any product into an assortment of bottle types. Biaozan Inline filling systems use the latest technologies to achieve the highest speeds and most accurately filled bottles in the packaging industry. Everyone in the industry appreciatesBiaozan liquid filling systems can accommodate free-flowing liquid or thick products. Products that foam, products that string or drip, products that have particulates or chunks, and dry products.
Biaozan’s compact automatic filling and capping machine is constructed with S304 stainless steel material, equipped with high-grade SS-316 filling pumps, and incorporated touch screen panel control. The touch screen interface can adjust most parameters without complicated mechanical adjustment. The servo-driven is designed for easy operations and quick changeover to different products. The machine can easily adjust based on the customer’s product specifications and requirements.
Automatic bottle filling machines can do automatic bottle feeding, automatic liquid filling, automatic cap feeding, cap placing, cap screwing, and automatic bottle out-feeding procedure. 
Fully automatic filler-capper enabling the highest production efficiency suitable for pharmaceutical, food, beverages, cosmetics, detergents, petrochemical industries, and more, which is your best choice for filling & capping solutions.