The cartoning machine is designed for continuous operation and allows high-speed operation for greater output. The cartoning machine synchronizes operation in combination with any tube filling, bottling, and blister machine. This cartoning machine can be used to make makeup boxes, pills boxes, medicine boxes, lipstick boxes, face cream boxes, body cream boxes, etc.
Cartoning Machines have inbuilt features of Product checking, Carton pick-up, Code embossing, Carton erection by a knife blade, Leaflet pick-up, Product insert, Carton closure, and Carton Discharge.
Biaozan is a trusted industry-leading systems integrator in the packing industry. Particularly noted for its cartoners, Biaozan offers a variety of solutions for a wide array of markets and applications.
Our expert engineers and technicians have designed reliable and rugged, simple yet elegant cartoning machines, ensuring every business can succeed with proven results. View our machines and learn more below.
Cartoner Packaging Machines
Biaozan knows every business is different and requires different equipment. As a leading cartoning machine manufacturer, our team has designed and perfected a variety of cartoners, each with features aimed at providing the best solution for you.
Learn more about our individual machines and the benefits of each:
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