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Linear bottle filling machine
rotary filling capping machine

About Model

Regarding how to choose the best bottle filling and capping machine, first we need to understand the following machine classifications:


For different materials : powder、liquid、cream、granules and others

For production capacity:30pcs/min、30-60pcs/min、60-80pcs/min、80-120pcs/min

For degree of automation: manual、semi-automatic、 fully automatic

Main Product

This text briefly introduces visitors to your main model of bottle filling machine

rotary bottle filing machine

Monoblock Rotary Bottle Filling capping Machine

Mainly for filling and capping 1.5-300ml vials
Filling Nozzle:1-2

Linear Small Bottle Filling Capping Machine

Monoblock Linear filling and capping machine

Mainly for filling and capping 1.5-300ml vials
Filling Nozzle:4-6-8

Bottle Filling Machine

Linear Bottle filling Machine

Mainly for filling and capping 50-2000ml Bottle
Filling Nozzle:4-6-8-10-12

Powder Bottle Filling Machine

automatic powder Bottle Filling Machine

Mainly for filling and capping 3-2000g Bottle
Filling Nozzle:1-2

Tips:The liquid and powder filling pictures are shown above. Regarding the filling of creams and viscous fluids, you can refer to the above models for customization. We have rich production experience and cases. Please contact us for more information

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Bottle Filling Capping Machine

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